Computer Diagnostics & Programming 

The most important activity in car repair is the diagnostics. Once the diagnostics is wrong, the repair will be wrong. However, with an accurate diagnosis, you can be sure of an accurate repair. This is why we charge a fee for vehicle diagnosis.

Programming involves the reconfiguration of various control modules which have to be frequently upgraded to current factory specifications to enable them keep up with peak performance. Some examples of such includes but is not limited to wiper control modules, TPMS programming, seat control modules etc. If you can’t determine what ails your vehicle, bring it to Genais Auto Company. We’ll find and repair any problems. We use the same diagnostic equipment as manufacturers, making us a one-stop location for all your automotive needs.

Without the right equipment, you probably won’t know what your check engine light means. Many things can cause this light to turn on. Our tools can decipher what is happening with your vehicle and tell you what needs attention. Don’t let your check engine light freak you out—Our Certified technicians will provide you with a detailed inspection and computer analysis of your vehicle and all the repairs you need to get you back on the road as swiftly and safely as possible.

With use of the latest technology we program, reprogram as well as update your car’s software to the latest.

When it comes down to the nitty gritty, you can be rest assured that GENAIS AUTO COMPANY has all the pros to sort your car out.


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